Endeavour Tea is a small business I co-founded in 2015.

It is an Australian specialty tea company with a contemporary view of tea culture, also known as third-wave tea.

Our aims were to engage tea drinkers with delicious, direct-from-source loose leaf tea on our e-commerce store, provide brewing styles and guides, and organise cupping sessions with our local community.

I was responsible for:

  • Art direction and packaging design
  • Product development
  • Lifestyle and product photography
  • Content strategy

Connecting the story of the humble tea leaf

I happily took on this challenge outside my usual comfort zone of digital design to push the boundary of tea tropes in a western society. In a colonial setting, we are taught to be dainty and have high tea, but the origins of tea are far humbler.

In its original Eastern context, tea is appreciated formally, as well as brewed in everyday settings as favourite beverages to share. Modern-day convenience teabags strip away its origin story, disconnecting drinkers from why and how a particular tea was harvested and processed in order to create a particular flavour.

A departure from gentility

My partner and I selected the name of “Endeavour” to push back against its colonial implications and apply a modern interpretation: to endeavour for a better view of loose leaf tea that honours its growers.

To do that, we had to show simple, honest packaging that departed from a fanciful trope. A typography-led design direction is unpretentious, straightforward and invites you to read: functional aesthetic paired with approachable style.