Before I visited San Francisco, I already felt familiar with the city as a result of having followed many of my favourite photographers on Flickr and Instagram since the early 2000s. I would finally visit the city a decade later.

When I was there, buildings and street scenes that once existed in my imagination or in photos came to life in a fascinating way; it seemed like their details were painted within the outlines my mind had already drawn from memory. Then the details, little stamps of knowledge about life in the city you use to get around and with which you slowly acclimatise, trickled in to fill other parts of the outlines.

I brought my film SLR to capture moments and scenes, but I enjoyed myself with Matthew and good friends too much to snap everything. When I travel these days I’m content to absorb the general atmosphere and explore on foot wherever I can. It results in a really worn pair of sneakers at the end of the trip, marked by the dirt and grime of a particular place.

Here are a few things captured on film.

Neighbourhood snapshots

Observing differences between neighbourhoods: Mission, Outer Sunset and the city

Forest and coast

We made excursions up the coast for a weekend stay at Napa Valley, visiting Muir Woods and Stinson Beach along the way.

I miss San Francisco a lot and think about heading back there often. Till next time.