↑ Above: My dog Ari catching the waves at Vincentia Beach, Easter 2019. At the end of 2019 this entire view was shrouded in thick orange smoke as bushfires devastated the surrounding area.

A decade of growth

This decade marked the biggest period of change as I went through my twenties into my early thirties. It also marked my first decade as a designer at work, making my way from agencies to going freelance, finally switching to product design.

I found my voice as a designer and small business owner, and experienced living in a much smaller city than I had been used to.

It was the decade of growth and growing up. For me, it will always symbolise a decade of taking risks, embracing change, and growing beyond myself.

Ten things

  1. I got married!
  2. I became an aunt to a nephew and a niece.
  3. I moved interstate twice.
  4. I started three micro businesses, one of which is still in action.
  5. I learnt to appreciate specialty tea deeply.
  6. I learnt to design packaging and print collateral for my own tea business.
  7. Felix the budgie came into our lives in 2013 for a mere $15. His value is priceless, and he has become a treasured feathered friend. [Edit: At the time I wrote this, Felix was seriously ill. He passed away on 30 December 2019.]
  8. Ari the Border Collie entered our household shortly after we returned from Japan in 2018. She was born two days after our first wedding anniversary in March.
  9. I visited Northern Thailand, Hanoi, Malaysia, Indonesia, San Francisco, some parts of California, returned to Japan for the third time, and made many weekend visits within Australia.
  10. I drove to Melbourne from Canberra and back three times in 2017.

What I am most proud of

I grew up in an environment that cautions against being unconventional, and I’m glad I don’t seem to be as risk-averse as I had imagined. I am more resilient than I had expected, too. I feel that I definitely made snap decisions by going with my gut on really important matters like housing and job interviews, but they all turned out well eventually.