Optimism, curiosity and collaboration.

Hi, I’m Jasmin Wong. I’m a multi-disciplinary designer with ~ten years of experience.

Right now I’m a product designer at Buildkite. Over the last decade, I worked at start-ups and agencies in Australia, leading and contributing to strategy and design in projects for education, culture and environment.

I enjoy crafting thoughtful, human-centred experiences and interfaces. I thrive on problem-solving and collaboration across teams, where I am usually articulating the need for intentional design.

When not designing, I like to spend time with Ari, my 3-year-old Border Collie. I also bake, take film photos, improve my hand-lettering, and am an advocate for third-wave specialty tea.


I was very much into personal blogging in the early 2000s and this is my attempt at climbing back on the bandwagon.

This site was made with Jekyll and hosted on Github. Fonts are served from Adobe: I used FF Ernestine, Gira Sans, Terminal, and FF Meta Serif.

Get in touch

I welcome all emails. You can also check out my Instagram, and my pet’s Instagram 🐶.